Thursday, December 18, 2014

Busy As A Bee!

It seams like forever since I've had time to work on Bertie's Year!  This is March and the whole reason why I wanted to do this project!  The bee stripes!  The shamrocks!  Her little hat!  Ugh, so cute!  I came up with a different name for it which I've forgotten now.  It was something like Roberta's Year, only cooler.  My mom's name was Roberta Anne and I miss her.    The next month is April and she's wearing a bunny hat!  Can't wait!  I almost postponed Christmas presents so I could start on it...My mom was not a cutesy, girly woman.  I used to force it on her all the time.   Our pink carpet in the 80's?  My fault.  I think this is just another attempt of mine to bully my mom into cutesy stuff and she'd completely cave to my will, with a smile.  


The Churn Dash baby quilt is finally quilted and bound.  These colors made me happy the whole time I worked on it!  I used my Best Mom mug to trace the scallop quilting pattern on.  It was actually more difficult to do the scallops than it was to do the orange peel pattern.  I did not see that coming...  Making the pivot, readjusting the quilt each time, took some time.  I'm really happy with it.  Now, if the lady who asked me to make it, would just get back to me.  It's good either way, if she doesn't want it, I've always got people to gift it to.

I wasn't going to make Christmas presents this year.  I was going to give myself a break and buy everything.  Then, naturally at the last minute, I made Christmas presents.  This is a Nook cover that I made for my mother-in-law.  I was trying to be sly about finding out the size of her Nook.  Apparently, there are a billion versions all with different dimentions.  We called my sister-n-law, she couldn't remember which one Ann had.  Rich kept forgetting to call his dad about it.  Then I texted Ann, she forgot to get back to me... You know, just casually curious about what version she had.  Finally, Rich had his dad measure it.  Then, Rich promptly texted Ann with the measurements instead of me.  Yeah, we're a sly bunch, all right.  We went to Iowa last weekend to visit the farm and had Christmas with them.  It's always good to see them.

I got it together within hours to spare of our departure.  I thought it was cute.  Grandpa got a giant bag of work gloves.  Boring.  But, useful.

Those Crazy Mantz'
(the beautiful blonde in the middle is my step-daughter Alyssa)

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