Saturday, August 30, 2014

One night during vacation I couldn't sleep.  Rich had been working on our landscaping and drinking beer.  Working, drinking, working, drinking.  When it came time for bed the snoring was loud enough to scare the neighbors.  At the same time, I had 18 bug bites burning my legs so bad that I was ready to tear my flesh off.  So, I got up and cut a bunch of green thimbles.  150 to be exact.  Incidentally, no 2 are the same.  I even managed #151 on the back that had too much purple in it to make the front.  I know.  You're impressed.  I can't say that I blame you, I love it too.  Thimble blocks are amazingly easy to piece.  The seams just butt right up against each other.  Hehehe, butt.  And, they press out straight as can be.  I thought the edge was interesting so I didn't use any borders.

I finally finished Quilty Stitches!  Yippee!  I almost said "Hip Hip Horray" but watching the history channel this week told me that phrase was originally used when white people would "round up" the black people during some conflict.  Or, just being assholes.  It was  hep, hep back then, like they were cattle.  So, I'll not be using Hip Hip Horray any longer.  Let's just take a moment and reflect on how many mother lovin' stitches that went into this bad boy.  Okay, now guess what happened.  I went to start on the last block when I noticed pink splotches in several spots!  Apparently, my hot pink bag got wet and bled on my project!  You're right, I WAS super pissed!  My head exploded.  It doesn't really show in the photo, and some of it will be cut out when I frame it, but still.

Now that Quilty Stitches is done, I needed another hand work project.  I started back on my Vintage Christmas quilt.  I'm so close to being done on this one as well.  I have a church, a sheep and the borders left.  Favorite Christmas Balls isn't my favorite but it does look cute with everything else around it.  Also, it has the word balls in it and I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy.  So, that gets awkward when I start mentioning my favorite Christmas Balls...

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