Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Birthday 52 - Philly Trip Episode 3

We got a pretty late start on Tuesday.  I definitely had a birthday power and cake hangover.  Imagine my surprise when I walked into Reading Terminal Market only to find a bronze statue of myself.  Something tells me I'm not the first person to make a pig of themselves in Philly.
Shawn was really looking forward to having a pork sandwich that was featured on Somebody Feed Phil, if we're honest, I think he was disappointed.  We added some of my pastrami sandwich to it and it helped.  Sweet heart of a man NEVER complains.
This place is REALLY cool but overwhelming.  There's a lot of pressure to make the right choice and there is SO MUCH to choose from!  You could eat every meal here for a month and not repeat your choices.
More street art.
We drug our tired little selves to the Betsy Ross House.
I took this for my cat loving friends.  You're welcome.

So, turns out Betsy & I have a lot in common.  Both love to sew.  Both widows.  Both did what they could to move forward with life.  

The stairs here were crazy steep and narrow.
Elfreth's Alley is one of the oldest continually occupied streets in America.  It's super charming but I could not handle having strangers roaming around my house all day.  And, you know not everyone is going to respect your property/privacy.
We stopped for refreshments at The Franklin Fountain.  We had a Cherry Lime Phosphate because we were hot & a little dehydrated but I really wanted the ice cream.  The lady in front of us got an ice cream bigger than the small child that was with her.  I had dessert envy, big time.
On the way back, we stopped at the US Mint.  Totally forgot to take a picture out front.  Shawn collects coins, so I thought he'd like it.  I thought it was interesting too.

Sure, the money mechanics were interesting but I was more into the architecture.  Also, no pictures were allowed in the actual production area.
This might be my favorite street art that I saw.
We ended the final day in Philly at Trattoria Carina.  It was just a few blocks away from the apartment but on a really cute & peaceful neighborhood.  We had to wait an hour for our food but were outside on a beautiful evening, so we weren't that upset about it.  And, the pasta was homemade.  Yum.


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