Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Pouring It All Out For Christmas

I have a YouTube addiction.  I can watch resin and paint pouring ALL DAY LONG.  So, I decided everyone needed resin coasters for Christmas.  This first picture is what I made for Carmen.  I used aqua, white and gold to make a geode type coaster.  The sides are painted gold.
Bethany got an emerald green color.  What I think I should have done was let the resin set up for a few minutes before I poured.  Then the colors would have been more distinct.  I'm sure it was explained to me in a video, and I didn't pay attention.  Both have a little glitter in the gold.
I was especially excited to do these Pokemon coasters for Hunter.  I ruined the first set, these are my second try.  You have to make the coaster, let them cure.  Decoupage the card in place, then top with another thin coat of resin.  On the first batch, I didn't use enough decoupage & the cards curled & warped.

I did the same for Sierra.  Instead of resin dye, I just used colored glitter for hers.  Pro tip: glitter floats in resin.  The backs are almost solid glitter.  She said they were "business in the front, party in the back".
I tried to pick all the cute Pokemon for her.  Melissa got a set of pink/blue marbled set.  Marcus got Pokemon.  I forgot to take pictures of theirs.
And since that wasn't a big enough mess, I've also been experimenting with paint pouring.  I just love Rinske Douna's work.  I have spent HOURS watching her YouTube videos!  She does a "Dutch Pour" as apposed to a cup flip.  I was really excited at my first Dutch Pour in this green version.  The feathering and lacing are so pretty!
But then, I set it in the dining room to dry.  The dining room doesn't have level floors, apparently.  The freaking paint ran off the canvas!  This is what I was left with.  Not horrible, but not nearly as cool.
Then, I did this one & left it in the kitchen.  The big round white blob in the middle is a light reflection.
This one was a pour and swipe.  I let that one dry in my office & lost ALL the paint down the back of a dresser.  Thank goodness I got rid of the carpet last spring!  I'm happy to announce the new vinyl flooring wiped up beautifully!  Excellent investment, Rich would agree, (if he ever finds out what I did.). Somehow I managed to miss the wall and dresser, pouring in a small lake between the two.  It was so cool, too (the painting, not the lake).  I loved the orange and white feather!
One more fail before I let you go.  This one was SUPER cool but I used old paint.  The dark green was lumpy & when it dried, it looked disgusting.  Pro tip: only use smooth paint to begin with and make sure your work dries on a LEVEL surface...
Today, I decluttered my basement.  Tomorrow, I'm going to set up a painting station.  I've been working in the kitchen but it takes tons of room & disrupts normal life quite a bit.  AKA, annoys my husband.  Which is why I was always moving them before they were dry.  There is zero chance my manky, old basement floors are level but I think I can rig something that works.

Until next time, Happy New Year!  May your new year be beautifully, messy!


  1. Oh wow! Those coasters are stunning!! I love the look of resin but I don't need to get myself into anything else craft-wise. We were in a store (pre-Covid) that sells the most AMAZING dining room tables that were made of wood that was rotten....they removed the rot and filled the remaining holes with amazing colours of resin. Over $3000 for a small dining room table but oh did I covet!!! The paint pouring is intriguing too - I saw on another blog that someone does it on fabric and then uses the fabric in their creations.
    Here's to beautiful messes (that hopefully our husbands don't notice!) in 2021!!!

  2. Beautiful coasters, Heather! You are AMAZING!!! Playing with paint is just an invitation for a mess. It totally wasn't your fault! Lol!