Thursday, September 7, 2017

What's Next?

 Well, I don't know about you but I feel like a Whirling Dervish.  I keep telling myself that things will settle in once -insert event- is done but there just always seems to be something else following it. I guess it's good, I don't think I'd enjoy boredom.  

This is a quilt I made a few months ago for a co-worker's baby.  I may have shared already... not sure.  Chad's a volunteer fireman so the piggy fireman was perfect!  I love it!

I had made a bag for another co-worker several years ago for her to take on vacation to Hawaii.  It lasted at least 5 years but she commissioned me to make a new one for her.  She said it could be any fabric that I wanted.  So, I made this cute red, green and blue bag.

What she meant to say was that she wanted purple and bigger.  So, I made another one.  She kept both and gave one as a gift to her sister.  I really enjoyed making them!  It's a pretty great bag if I do say so myself.  I should have taken a close up of the button on the purple bag.  It was fabulous!

This month we had 2 BOM from the guild.  I love this deer but I may have to use a different thread for his antlers, they're pretty pale right now.

The second one might be my favorite so far.  It's so delicate.
 I've managed 1 more block for Hungarian Heritage.  This quilt is stunning but I don't enjoy sitting at the machine, stitching around all those pieces.  It's on my UFO list, so it's GOT to get done!!

Speaking of UFOs, 'Roberta Anne with an E' is quilted.  It took FOREVER.  The struggle to find thread that my Pfaff likes, other than Aurifil continues.  On my way to Peoria, I stopped in at the Quilt Corner in Morton.  It's a lovely shop, especially if you like primitives and wool.  I bought some Presencia and King Tut quilting threads to test.  They worked with the right needle.  So, I may invest further.  I'm not aware of a store locally that carries the Presencia, so that may be what I go with.  I wasn't too keen on the idea of buying a case of every color I needed to quilt these blocks.  My machine refuses to quilt with the transparent stuff...
Last but certainly not least, I finished a store sign for my vendor booth!  I blew up my logo and machine appliqued it.  It's surrounded by pink rick rack and quilted with meandering hearts.  Aaahhhh... right?

But wait, there's more!  While in Peoria, I started a family tree!
What's next you ask?  Well, next week I'm going to the fall Padukah show for the first time!  Just as a visitor, mind you.  Then the weekend of the 23rd, I'm headed to the Sweet Inspirations quilt show in Elk Grove Village!  I'm busily prepping new inventor from a new distributor, store samples and dinner plans with my nephew and his family who live in Chicago!  Can't wait!!

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  1. I love the fireman quilt! A thought re the reindeer antlers - what if - you used a darker thread and 'whipped' the stitches you already used? I've often done that and had good results. Might even have to go over them twice to get the depth of colour you want. And - when I had my sewing machine at the shop they gave me a little tip re using clear thread...they suggest holding the thread tightly where it comes off the spool and then pulling snugly on it just before it goes through the needle. In theory, it 'seats' the thread into the machine so the tension is better. No idea if that would work for you, but might be worth trying. And - I absolutely LOVE that family tree! I dabble in genealogy so it's right up my alley.