Thursday, November 10, 2016

One Stitch At A Time

Well, this has been a crazy week.  I don't have much to say about it other than I love my fellow Americans.  For that matter, I love my fellow humans.  And, the president of our country, no matter who that is will not change that.  Not that they are trying to.  So, I will continue to make the world a more beautiful place to be, one stitch at a time.

And, here's my latest contribution to world beauty...  this is the Art Nouveau quilt so far.  I LOVE it!!  I can't wait to finish it!  I wonder if it'll be ready in time for the next quilt show!?  So, what do you think?  Should I do a border?  I'm thinking solid black.  I'm also toying with the idea of a very thin green beading around it.  I was hoping to do my own quilting on it.  Yikes, I know.  But, after the giant I just gave Jane Hair to do, I can't really afford to quilt by checkbook any time soon.  Unless, of course, everyone wants to visit my Etsy shop and do some shopping...  Feel free.

This is the most recent addition.  Like I said last time, I've got the final blocks ready to go & the 
project is definitely going on my short list for lay-off.

I'm also doing some designing of my own.  I've had this Cowgirl fabric for a couple of years and I'm finally going to make my Father-In-Law a  pinup girl quilt.  I've made them for Great Grandpa Mantz, Rich and Hunter but I could never find something for Horsey Grandpa.  Then, when I found the fabric, I didn't really know what to do with it.  This will be on my short list and hopefully his Christmas present.  Then, hopefully, I will have another pattern to publish.  Lots of flying geese.  Lots and lots of flying geese.

 My Crazy Quilt Journal Project, so far.  I'm happier looking at it as a whole than I am when I can pick apart each block.  This is on my short list.  I'd like to have it done by the quilt show since we're adding a new crazy quilt category.  I think we are, anyways.  I'm seeing a cream/ peach satin border on this with some lace trim.  Olderose has a wonderful tutorial on borders for projects.  I love what she did with some tapestry style ribbon and satin.   A few of the blocks have her hand painted buttons on them.  If you're considering buying me something for Christmas, I'd like more of her buttons, please.

 This is October's block.  I don't love it.  I may have already whined about it to you before.  Sorry.  I used waste canvas for the first time on the daffodil cross stitch patch.  That was wild.  Effective but a little hard to line up just so.  Now that I'm looking at the picture above I'm realizing I hadn't shared November's block.  It's directly above in the center bottom row.  I'll have to dig it out again and take a photo.
 So, silly me.  I just realized I can watch Netflix in my studio, using Bethany's smart tv!  I was so
excited.  It sure made squaring up those flying geese easier to take!  Since it's such a light weight tv, I moved it over by the sewing machine when I was done!  Love it!  Next, mini fridge.
 Here's what I've got so far for my Mosics project.  This is the project from Irene Blanck's class.  I really struggled with gluing everything in place and then sewing down all at once.  It was too loosey goose, if you want the technical term, for me.  So, I'm saying it's okay because it's supposed to be primitive anyways.  I just noticed that I forgot the berries... Please note that my vines meet up in a "v" like the pattern.  That's some skill, right there...
 And, like I said, I learned how to do English Paper piecing.  This I loved and will continue to do.  I ran out of glue and all I could think was Pat A asking if I'd like to buy the re-fill while we were at the store buying the glue stick.  Dang it, I should have done it Pat, I should have done it!  And, in case you were wondering, I did find the missing papers. They were, indeed, put away safely in the project's own box...

So, I work tomorrow, and then I start my lay-off.  I am SO looking forward to it!  I'm so fortunate to work where I do and to have a completely indulgent husband that doesn't freak out when I make less money for awhile every winter.  At least, he won't be cold.  God knows we've got plenty of quilts laying around...


  1. Wow - you've been busy! Your Art Nouveau is AMAZING, your CQ blocks are beautiful and I am highly impressed with your Mosaics progress (and the awesome "V"). Incredible!

  2. Talk about amazing eye candy!! I don't know which I love more - your AN or your CQ quilt. I want to see them both in person so I can admire all the gorgeous details. Love, love!!