Sunday, October 16, 2016

Assembling a Basic Crazy Quilt Block

Basic Crazy Quilt Block


Muslin 4" larger than block's finished size
Freezer paper
square ruler
pencil & marker
paper & fabric scissors
iron & pressing surface
WOVEN interfacing
8-12 scraps of fabric

Step 1-Drafting:

On the matte side of your freezer paper, draw the size block you want.  My favorite is my 8.5" ruler, traced on all sides.  Then use your ruler to divide block into sections.  I start in 1 corner and work my way around in a spiral until I have roughly 7 spaces in my 8.5" square.  The number of sections you end up with is your design choice.  Avoid drawing parallel lines, it will give your block more interest.

Step 2-Numbering:

Starting with the inner most center piece, mark it 1.  Then "trace your steps" backwards, numbering as you go.  All spots should be numbered, ending in the first section that was created.

I then like to trace my pattern in marker.  Lay your muslin over the bold pattern and sketch in piece #1.  At this point, some people like to make a copy of the pattern for visual reference on a separate piece of paper or take a picture with your cellphone. 

Step 3-Cutting:

Using your paper scissors, cut the pattern along the lines you made.  Be careful to lay the patterns down in the order they were cut, if you are skipping the extra copy step.

Step 4-Fabric:

I like to prep ALL my fabric with woven interfacing, including my base muslin.  I find it keeps things in shape and I don't need to hoop it later.  An especially important step if you're using a stretchy material.  20 seconds with a hot iron on to the wrong side of your fabric will set the interfacing.  

Decide which fabric you want to highlight and make that piece #1.  Using your iron again, lightly press the freezer paper template onto the right side of the fabric.

Using your fabric scissors, cut out the piece using a generous seam allowance, 5 - .75".  This is crazy quilting, don't worry about a big seam allowance.  Put piece 1 in place.  Prep piece 2.  Using your visual reference, lay the right sides together.  Take special note which side the seam is supposed to be on.  This is where you would add lace trim, in between the 2 pieces.  This will hide your lace ends in the seams of the other pieces.  Sew the pieces together, again with a generous seam allowance.  Feel free to trim your seam allowances after you've sewn the pieces together.  Finger press open.

Repeat until all pieces are added.  Sometimes your block ends up a little bigger than expected, not to worry... If you have gaps in some spots, don't worry too much, you can always add some treatments in that spot to cover it up!

Step 5- Finish:

When all pieces are added, baste around the perimeter of your block.  This keeps the ends from flying around and helps you regain the size you were looking for in the beginning.  When embellishing, don't bead within .5" of your edges.  You don't want to sew over a bead when you're finishing your project.

Have fun!!

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