Saturday, September 17, 2016

Who's Ready For Some Shopping?

Hello dear friends, sorry about the long gaps between posts but life does tend to get away from me.  I wanted to share with you a quilt that I crossed off my UFO list from the first of the year.  It's a Dresden Flower quilt with origami style flower centers.
It started several years ago as a shop display for Sweet Annies' but the fabric was so sweet, I had to buy it and finish it.  It has sat in my cupboard since then.
 The pink is the exact color of the carpent my mom and I had in the 80's!  And the large print rose fabric is very reminiscent of the coach I forced her to buy... My decorating game has always been on-point.
 The scraps were in my stash forever & I admit to using them without reguard to my unfinished quilt.  I just let the cards land where they may.  It was a close thing.  I think I had to super search for the last matcing petal.  And kicked myself the whole time...

 Over Labor Day, I took a Craftsy class on machine quilting feathers.  She also instructed on how to do a continuous line rope.  Which turned out really cool, that's how I quilted the sashing.
 I did a cusom 4 pointed feather motif in the centers between the flowers.
 There are flourishes in the petals that I quilted in monofilament.    There's also feathers around the outer border.
 If you're interested, I've got this quilt for sale on my Etsy shop HERE.  Might be time to start your Christmas shopping!
The only other thing that really got done this month was my CQJP for Sept.  I'm pretty happy with it. I put them all together when I finished this block and I really love the whole project together.  I'm pretty excited to finish it.  Hopefully I will get it done and into the quilt show in June.  The small round appliqué on the bottom was already stitched.  I think it was a collar on something in another life.  It was this collar that was the inspiration for my whole project.  I added the firefly.
I also fixed 7 of my previously appliquéd blocks.  I found that I had a really bad problem with shadowing.  I just couldn't live with how bad some of my projects looked with the light appliqués on dark fabrics.   No picures because you've already seen them and I doubt the difference would photograph well.

And, that wraps up my month!  Hope all is well with you and yours!  See you soon!


  1. I saw you sewing the binding on that quilt at guild and wondered where it was going to end up. Someone will be VERY lucky to get it ... it's beautiful! And I can vouch for that!!!

  2. I love how it turned out! Gorgeous!