Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Busy Summers

Hi Friends!  Well, I tell ya, this summer has been a wild one!  Things have been really humming along since we last spoke.  I'll admit, a nice long vacation would do me some good.  Alas, I'm not getting one.  So, onward we plow!

A few weekends ago, a bunch of us went to Mascoutah for our little stay-in-your-own-bed retreat that we have every few months.  It's always so great to catch up with friends!  I did manage to sew in between the socializing!  Donna D and I put our heads together and worked on Splendid Sampler blocks.  She's doing hers in multiple color batiks and it looks fantastic!  She's also more caught up than I am...
As I was uploading these photos, I realized I duplicated one.  I think it's interesting that I chose a plaid for both blocks in the same spots.  I must have been REAL sure about my decision!  Also, chose red both times...
I think I had this one done last time I blogged but forgot to take a picture.  I LOVE it.
As, I scrolled down, I thought there was something wrong with this next picture.  Nope, it really is that pale.  Wierd next to all my red!
 I don't save salvages, although I love the look of those blocks.  So, I chose stripes instead.  More red.

 Here we go with some pink.  My sweet little rosettes.
 Now, this next one...I looks really wonky in the picture but I think its just a problem with my pressing.  The middle is supposed to be a lemon.  I'm not an expert with curved piecing and such a tiny little block didn't help things much.  What can I pretend mine is?  Persimmon, maybe?  One of those moments that having such a limited color palette was really annoying.
 My pencils!  Donna D was really helpful picking out fabrics for this block.  You know, paper piecing.  ( insert body shutter here).  And, I'm really happy with the outcome.

 I'm a huge fan of designer Kristyne Czepuyk!  You should  check out her blog Pretty By Hand, she makes the cutest stuff!  She designed this next block.  I still have to add the embroidery down the light pink pieces.  Totally forgot about that...
And, for one brief, beautiful moment, I was almost caught up.  It's been a week again already.  So, that puts me 4 or 5 blocks behind again.  We put the English Paper Piecing blocks off to the end but then didn't get to them.  I guess thats better than a dozen...

I've recently restocked my Etsy shop, I'd love for you to take a look!  I also very recently made my first whole bolt purchase!  That was very exciting and nausiating all at the same time!  Woowee, it's expensive when you do that!  I can't wait to show you my new website, too!  I've been working diligently to get that up and running.  I work on it until I'm completely frustrated, then I go back and what I was so frustrated with starts to make sense.  I've got kind of a rhythm going...  On The Brighter Side Fabrics is going to happen!  And, I'm really excited about it!  Until next time, much love!


  1. I love your Splendid Sampler blocks! I wish now that I had started that one instead of the 365 Challenge which I have pretty much abandoned. Your reds are gorgeous and I love the plaids!

  2. Wonder Woman!!!! You are my hero! After reading your posts, I realize I don't get near enough done! You go, Girl!

  3. Your blocks look amazing! I can't imagine buying a whole bolt of fabric - definitely would have to win the lottery before I even contemplated it.