Monday, August 17, 2015

2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Back

So, I was making great strides in my effort to finish my UFOs.  I got 2 done right away when I bought my new sewing machine.  Wouldn't it make sense for me to continue forward and knock them all out.  After all, I was really just waiting on a better machine, right?  Nope

I finished 2, started 3.  Dang it.

But, look how cute!  The little cross stitch is a free pattern on Craftsy by Brooke's Books Publishing.  She releases 1 a month.  I'm about a year behind on the 25.  It's an advent count down.  I have no idea what they will become.  Perhaps ornaments.  I don't like that I started them on the oatmeal Aida.  I really wish I'd gone with light blue, like her samples.  Check out her stuff!  So cute!

This really isn't a new project.  It's our quilt guild's block of the month.  The bird is really the block.  I decided to put them on various pieced blocks.  This is a hooded warbler.  He is waiting for me to give him some legs and an eyeball.  In due time little fella, in due time.

Then last month, I did this violet in a basket.  The violet was the BOM.  I do plan on doing 1 block just like the pattern they're giving me but the rest are going on pieced blocks.
 I  FINALLY finished the piecing of Hearts N Tulips.  Honest to goodness, this thing gave me some serious fits!  I know at some point I measured the center blocks and made the banner the appropriate size.  But, when I went to put it on, the banner was 6 inches to big.  3 inch borders on the sides were going to be horrible so I added 12" borders.  Which meant the banner was too small.  So, I added more to that.  Then the top was too wimpy when you laid it on the bed.  So, I topped it off with a 3" border.  Yeah, you get the picture.  I'm thinking about renaming it Frankenstein.  My "large wall hanging" just became a queen size quilt...  Now to break the news to my quilter.  FYI, I've decided to do a scalloped border.  Cute, right?

Then, I decided to do a quilt for Rich.  I have several classic cars to embroider.  This is the first one, he doesn't like 50's era Chevys.  But everything else in the group is 60's muscle cars.  Sometimes you've gotta take the bad with the good.  First off, I hate the white background.  The "chrome" disappears".  I think I'll stop here and redo them on dark grey.  Second, it totally looks like the flying car in Harry Potter.  Am I right?  Or, am I right?

This is the most recent Art Nouveau block.  Love it.  Ignore the sides, they're a mess.  
Here's my other new project.  I got new windows and the flu last week.  In order to move furniture for access to the windows, I had to empty out my sewing room cupboards.  Naturally, I came across a kit that I bought many years ago when I worked for Sweet Annies.  This was some of my favorite fabric that she ever carried!  So, I decided to jump on the kaleidoscope band wagon 6 years late...

I have all of the main blocks done.  The alternating blocks need corners.  I don't think I'm going to do the pieced border from the pattern.  Mostly because I don't think this is fun at all.  And, don't get me started on cutting 8 layers of fabric at one.  Gees!

I thought seeing how all the different blocks looked was interesting but when that was done, so was my attention span.  Luckily I bought tons of extra fabric, so changing things up isn't going to be a problem.

That's it for now.  I've got a Triple Irish Chain around here somewhere.  I'll try to remember a picture next time!  See ya later, alligator!

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