Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Seriously Lucky Weekend

Last weekend I was able to go on a "Stay in your own bed" retreat in Mascoutah.  It's always a good time.  The only thing I was able to finish was my Family Tree quilt.  The top has been done for a long time.  I'm sure I've showed the top before but now it's quilted!

I did manage to break my chair, though.  It started leaking hydraulic fluid when I got home.  That was a giant mess.

The second month of my Art Deco quilt is done.  This one went so much smoother!  I'm much better at back basting and it's not as hard to do with the black background as I thought it would be.  March is plums.  I've started it but don't have any pictures.
I narrowly escaped starting a new project on a couple of occasions this week.  It's soooo tempting!

I dug this one out of the depths of my cabinets.  It was a store sample for Sweet Annies that was so time consuming that I decided to buy it.  No way did I want all my hard work to go home with someone else.  I only did the first six flowers for the shop and everything else was cut up and just sitting there waiting to be put together.

There's  an origami bud in the center of each flower and by the time you attach everything, you end up with a seam of about 10 layers thick.  I ended up trimming them down but, jeesh.

I got to the last yellow flower and all the petals left were the same fabric which was the same as the origami bud!  Yuk.  Small heart attach.  AHHH!  A quick search of my stash and I found enough ready made blades of different fabrics to finish!  I didn't even remember them being in there.  Then I got to the bottom pink blossom and was short the very last sashing strip.  AHHH!  Another heart attach!  Another search of the stash and I came up with a piece of the right background fabric that was JUUUUSST big enough.  Talk about lucky!  I told Rich we should buy a lottery ticket!  I know I had used that smaller print in my Civil War quilt from a few years ago because I was such a big fan of the little rose buds on it.


My step-daughter is newly engaged and I was ready to start a new project, again, for a wedding quilt.

I was pouring through my patterns and was planning a trip to the store.

Then, I remembered about this Twisted Mystery from 2011.  I had messed up the center medallion and then there's another section not shown here that had complicated piecing that had turned out really badly.

For real, this was going to be trashed.  The uncut fabric was in my stash and this was a lost cause.

I salvaged the fabric from my stash, fixed the center and next is to try those funky y-seam blocks again.  I can't believe I was giving up on it when I was 2/3 done already... And, I love the colors on this!

This was my last weekend off before my extended hours start.  It was a great weekend.  But, I don't know how much blogging I'll be doing the next few months.  We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love, Love, LOVE your Family Tree Quilt!!!!

  2. Your Tree Quilting is absolutely STUNNING!! I LOVE IT!!!!!