Monday, January 26, 2015

It's Not Easy, I Must Want To Do It

I can hardly believe my pillow cases are finally done!  I think I started these some time over the summer.  I know this is crazy but I can't help thinking I should crochet a lace edge.  I've never done that before.  I bet it's not easy.  So, naturally, that's what I want to do.
The Guild's 2014 BOM is getting closer and closer to being done.  I've already started on one of those blank blocks.  This month will be a light violet primrose.

I didn't anticipate the clam shell fabric reading as large dots.  It's actually little rainbows but I keep thinking of it as clam shells.
A close up.
This is with the borders that will eventually go on.  But, honestly, I kind of like it without borders.  Maybe I'll leave off the borders and just bind it in the green.  That outer border is pretty busy.
I started work on my Neighborhood block.  I liked it until I put the dog on it.  Now, not so much.  The dog is lame.  No idea where to go from here.  Probably the drawing board.
Reality has been setting in lately.  Bethany will be graduating in May!  I can't believe it!

Time to get busy on her Shoe Shop Girl quilt.  She's been working at Famous Footwear since she turned 16 & tomorrow is her 18th birthday. One more thing I can't come to grips with.
More shoes.
I tried to make shoes she would wear but it's tough.  I kind of think the chevron soles are a little bit genius.  And, I want to know why my spell check stopped working.  Genius almost looked less smart than it should have.

The pattern is Angie Padilla's Walk With Me.

That slingy sandal was such a pain in the butt!  It was supposed have an ankle strap but it was so thin, I decided we could do without.

So, I'm looking through the patterns only to realize I didn't save the final block!  Yikes.  Now did I do that on purpose because I knew she'd hate the boots or did I just flake out?  The world may never know.  Which means, I don't have a 12th block.  I think I'll make Hunter draw a pair of boots for me.

Hey Cupcake got it's borders!  It's so cute, I love it! I should have done a close up of the fabric.  They're little cupcakes.

I've been working on other little things here and there but mostly my life has been busy figuring out how to parent.

I'm now a Home School Parent.  Crazy, right?  The decision was kind of made for me.  One of my kids is, let's just say special needs, and the school system wasn't working anymore.  Naturally, because we let one home school the other demanded like treatment.

My house will never be quiet again.  It's a lot to wrap my head around.


  1. Good luck with home schooling. We tried it with #1 son and had some difficulties. He wound up getting his GED, though, and now has a full-time job that he seems to like. Sending you our best....

  2. Good grief! No wonder you overslept on Saturday - sounds like you could use a good rest! Hey Cupcake looks great, and I absolutely LOVE your BOM setting. So much wonderful work - very impressive!

  3. What fun projects! I love the chevron background and shoes!

  4. Hi Heather! Your pillow cases are adorable! Lace would be perfect detail! I like the dog on the block and I love all the shoes! x Teje

  5. Hello Heather! So glad to hear you are wanting to join the party at the Let's Bee Social. To join in you can add your own link to the display on my blog. Click on the little blue button that says ADD YOUR LINK, under the little photos in the post. Then copy the URL link of your post and add it to the link up. Your URL link for this post is and can found in the address bar at the top of your screen.

    Your applique work is spectacular! And so are those pretty pillowcases. What a busy BEE you are! Thanks for joining us this week!

  6. The pillow cases are exquisite. The shoes are amazing. I especially love the chevron shoes.

  7. first of all your header is precious.
    Being a dog lover, I like it. It is a bit staring... maybe a bandana? Only you know what it is about the dog you don't like... size, color, position? There could be some grass appliqued over his legs to soften the bottom.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  8. the pillow cases are also precious. I have some embroidered ones from my grandmother I adore and won't use. Of course you want to add a bit of crochet. So did my grandmother, in turquoise of all colors! LeeAnna at not afraid of color, again

  9. A crochet border will be worth the effort!

  10. Oh my goodness....what a visual delight your gorgeous blog is!! So happy you visited my li'l corner of the world because that means I have discovered you and all your blog's gorgeousness!! From the cute as cute banner to the lovely embroidered pillowcases, to the pretty quilts you are fashioning....'tis just all sublime!! Love the Guild's BOM; I like it without the border. This quilt oozes sunshine and happiness! And...... how cool is your shoe quilt...oodles of lovely high stepping footwear there...amazing qpplique. Me thinks a gal can never have too many shoes! I am your new fan and follower!