Sunday, July 20, 2014

A New Project, A New Due Date

I did start a new project even though I was waiting to finish a few others first.  There's a new baby coming in less than a month and I want have this done when I go visit.  There's nothing like a due date to get the lead out.

This will be baby #3 for them and so far, I've kept with an animal theme.  I'm doing machine applique because I wanted it to be somewhat sturdy if they ever decide to use it.  They haven't on the others but I think they're running out of space on the nursery walls, so you never know.

The original pattern shows regular colored cats and dogs.  I kept channeling Blue's Clues and decided my pets would be rainbow.  They're first baby quilt was rainbow zoo animals.  It seemed fitting.  I'm pretty happy with them so far, just imagine them with eyes, it'll be less creepy.  I also need to shop for some thread colors.  Oh, darn.  I hate shopping.

Well, I was able to enlarge the photos when I started but it stopped working.  ***heavy sigh***  Thank goodness, I just complained about that.  It's working again.  I'm not taking this paragraph out, just to make sure I don' ruin the mojo...

This is the latest Guild Challenge block.  I'm loving the 20's feel of it.  I had to go with an intense, patterned yellow or it would have drown on the beige background.  Kinda love the funk it's got going on.
These are the companion/ inspiration fabrics that are going with the project.  Don't confuse this with an actual plan.  I have no idea how I'm going to fit the chevrons and rainbow thingies together to make something pretty.  I got a sneak peak of the next one and it's equally as cute.  The next flowers are going to be blue.

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  1. Very sweet baby quilt ... once the eyes are in place! Love your BOMs ... now don't forget to bring them to guild to share! Hahaha!!!