Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'm Late For a Very Important Date

I started this quilt a really long time ago!  In fact, I was collecting the fabrics while I working at Sweet Annies' which was 2 1/2 years now.  I originally bought what I needed for a Take 5 pattern.  That was when the Alice In Wonderland fabric came out.  So, maybe 3-4 years?  Then, I changed it to Turning 20 but didn't have enough different fabrics.  So, I grabbed this and that with some clocks and tea pots and whatever else I found in my stash.  Mostly of Sierra's favorite things.  Clocks, numbers, tea pots, plaid, get the picture.

And, there it sat forever.  It just wasn't special enough.  I tried to cross-stitch a white rabbit on some linen but that was a disaster.  Then, I tried the same pattern on Aida cloth which was also a disaster, only bigger.  So, it sat some more.

 Out of nowhere this spring, I decided to embroider some of Sierra's favorite quotes from Through the Looking Glass on to the only plain fabric in the quilt.  Then, there were words but quite a bit of empty space on the fabric surrounding the words.  So I free handed some little pictures.   I wanted everything to look really organic and hand made.  That way she'd always remember that I made it for her.  The quilting is just as quirky as my little highlighter headed angel.  I just did a crazy labrynth, going straight for few inches and then turning to go in another direction for a few more inches.  It totally didn't matter if I had to back track over what I'd already done because it just made cool geometric designs.

 Mommy's special little girl being the catpillar from the story.

It's always tea time in Sierra's world...  My Mad Hatter's hat looks like it belongs on a leprechaun.  That's just me being organic, right?


  1. You are so creative! Love the quotes ... and the random quilting .... and the free-form pictures! You did a GREAT job!

  2. What an awesome quilt! I love all of your special touches - you definitely created a one-of-a-kind quilt that your daughter can treasure forever. Great job!