Saturday, May 24, 2014

You're A Wizard, Harry!

Honestly, I could swear I made more than 2 of these dang blocks!  Paper piecing is so convoluted, to me.  And ripping out stitches sucks just that extra bit more when you do it wrong.  These are the latest of my Project of Doom, Harry Potter bookcase.  I added the link, if you're interested, just click on it.  I did all of the top shelf but I haven't gotten them put together yet.  I need to do some  fabric shopping.  A few of the upcoming blocks need metallic gold and I don't really have any.  And, I need something awesome for Hedwig's block.

And here is the progress on Quilt Stitches.  She skipped an update last week and I was devistated!  I get pretty excited when the new block is posted!  If you'd like to follow this stitch along, I added her button on the side bar.  It was a great project to have during prom season.  Almost no prep work.  You just draw the design on your Aida cloth and she's kind enough to include the thread numbers, too.  Recently, I spent a few months collecting DMC threads.  I thought I had them all, but a few that were sold out.  Naturally, those are the few that she uses in the project.

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  1. Your Quilt Stitches look good. I believe I saw she was posting another block tomorrow (Monday)!